Moto G4 Plus Launch in Amazon India

Client: Amazon

Year: September, 2019

Moto G4 Plus launched on on 18th May. Moto G4 Plus was launched with some very high visibility onsite campaigns and offers. The Launch was important for as till then Motorola was exclusive with its competitor.


Visibility of the launch was amplified with the innovative and interesting gateway takeover on 18th May. gateway featured numerous exclusive videos, engagement activities, contests, treasure hunts and product snippets to ensure that the customers were engaged throughout the launch day. The high decibel launches campaigns along with the social contests ensured high visibility and recall for the association between Moto and Amazon. Effective customer engagement throughout 17th May ensured that the 28% of the opening day sale happened in the first 60 minutes itself. Throughout the project, design team worked closely with CEPC, Marketing and Gateway team to give customer a different experience on the launch day (Gateway Takeover.)


Moto G Plus 4th gen launch with the entire gateway takeover with 86 campaigns placed on desktop resulting in 22597077 impressions with 853527 clicks with a 3.78% CTR showing a jump of almost 2.5% CTR vs April. Opening day sale was 38.4K.
Abandon rate of homepage on 18th May was 19.18% compared to 19.3% from Feb-17 to May-17

  • 17.8% of the traffic went to mobile category from gateway on 18th May compared to 5.9 % from Feb-17 to May-17. 9.5 % of the gateway traffic directly went to Moto G4 Plus landing page

  • 2.1 % of the gateway traffic went directly to the Moto G4 Plus ASINs

  • Actual GVs are higher than the projected GVs

  • Actual conversion is lesser than the projected conversion mainly due to stock outs and lack of FT options

  • Conversion is improving with the increasing In stock and FT GV%

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