PolkaDot is a creative agency that offers the full range of integrated services, from traditional to emerging media. We bring to the table a wealth of experience working with both corporate giants and sprightly startups. Our mission is not limited to getting your target customers to loosen their purse strings. We will ensure that your brand earns a place in their thoughts and aspirations as well.

We are team of bright-eyed professionals who share a passion for creativity. We think, we dream, we write, we doodle, we code, we grab eyeballs, we solve problems, we build brands. All in a day’s work.


Discover: We kickstart the creative process with attempting a detailed understanding of the premise and potential of your business. Your concerns are addressed and your goals and expectations precisely defined

Dive: We then dive into research, analysing data and connecting dots to get clarity on where your brand stands and where it can go. Relevant and valuable insights come out of this exercise, sharpening our strategic focus.

Develop: The brilliant minds in our creative team then retreat into their minds in search of explosive ideas. After endless brainstorming sessions and countless cups of coffee, the winning strategy finds expression in words and visuals.

Design: The blueprint for your brand’s success gets fleshed out in the hands of our experienced team of writers, visualisers, designers & developers.  We have an expert panel of planners to choose the ideal media vehicles to deliver the content effectively.

Debrief: There is always room for review after the job is done. We keep track of how the communication is received, appreciated and what difference it makes to the bottomline of your business.