Amazon Discount Unit

Client: Amazon

Year: 2016

Identified the need of a unifrom discount unit for Amazon platform. Started with the research on existing discount unit usage with Amazon's competitors to find out how can improve the usage of discount unit in various platforms. As a result since 2016 Amazon India started using a unifirm discount unit across PC and Mobile platforms.

Design Goals

  • Making the discount unit uniform

  • Improve the unit visually

  • Making the discount unit usable across platforms and diffrent ingress assets

Known Issues

  • The current style is less prominent on mobile

  • The text in existing unit like “Minimum”, “Maximum”, “Flat” & “Up to” are not legible on the mobile

    screens and on small ingresses.


None of our competetors follow a uniform discount unit style for PC and Mobile. However Jabong’s usage of discount unit style stands out in comparison. The comparison depicts how the bold text stands out even on mobile screens. Considering mobile experience, our disount unit should be legible and should draw customer attention than the existing one.


Since T1 has contributed higher OPS, Units and CTR we will go ahead and launch T1 for all bunk assets on all three GW platforms.

Usage of different discount units

  • Designers can choose between the units depending on the space.

  • Designers can take a call on the discount unit (Single line or two line) basis the prominance of discount numericals needed.



While the web lab isn’t significant and the numbers were up & down based on the campaigns, it did yield results good results overall.

Both T1 & T2 and Units, Ops and CTR positive. However since T1 is higher and also for easier for execution went ahead with T1
Overall C had a CTR of 3.1% and T1 at 3.3% and T2 and 3.4%  - a good 5% CTR increase for T1

Based on the web lab data - +0.13% OPS would be annual incremental OPS of $5.7 million (On 2016 - Appx. not a definitive number)

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