Category launches - Amazon India

Client: Amazon

Year: 2015 - 2016

Amazon launched three new categories in 2016. Automotive, Furniture and BISS (Business Industrial and Scientific Supplies)

Design Goals

To showcase the launch of Automotive category. The main emphasis was to ensure the wide range of products featured under this category.

A category launch to showcase the selection (India’s Largest Online Furniture Store) across product categories of Furniture to the customer.

Launch BISS Category on



The store was mostly with the wdgets and helped the launch with the multiple GW assets and ingress points. Hence it was the time we were testing the New GW, main graphics has two design options.

Planned, Desinged and implemented launch of Furniture Category in
60+ Large Assets were implemented in a Span of 1 week for the launch of new category - Furniture’s

Planned, Desinged and implemented launch of BISS Category in
Created the store and GW creatives, worked along with the agency to create all launch graphics.


We tried out two different graphics on new GW & old GW, based on metrics – the new GW graphic which was more visual in nature received more clicks per 1000 impressions.


The store was instrumental in enabling selection discovery and laying the browse and navigation path. It also was the front to communicate to the customer about category nuances – delivery, warranty, installation promises, product category awareness creation and brand callouts.

The category which is essentially a B2B on B2C platform has done well in terms of CTR
which are as per benchmarks and continues to grow steadily in terms of impressions and CTR’s.
Metrics Calculated – Since Launch ( 16th Sept – Till Date)


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